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The following books are available for purchase from Chuckwagon Supply. If you don't see what you need here look at other great books on Dutch Oven Cooking from our Barnes and Noble affiliate Bookstore.



The Dutch Oven Resource.
122 Pages of invaluable information. This book contains everything you ever wanted to know about Dutch oven cooking and wished that someone would answer for you. It is not just a cookbook.  It is a complete resource to Dutch oven cooking.  Gerry and Chauna Duffin, authors of "The Friends of Old Deseret Dutch Oven Cookbook",  have written another best seller.   (photo)

The Dutch Oven Resource CBD02 $16.95
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American West Dutch Oven Cooking.
This is new cookbook by Kent Mayberry is one of the most attractive cookbooks I have seen. This is one you won't mind leaving on the coffee table. However, good looks isn't the only thing going for this book.  Kent is a World Champion Dutch oven cook and these are among his favorites.   (photo)

American West Dutch Oven Cooking CB06 $6.95
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Cowley's Cookbooks
The Cowley's have written four cookbooks.  The first two books have a section on the basic care of and instructions for Dutch ovens. Each cookbook gives many great recipes that cover a wide variety of dishes. Backyard basics is great for an introduction to Dutch oven cooking. it is complete with instructions and recipes. See Shipping Policy

Championship Dutch Oven

CB89 $10.95

Dutch Oven Gold

CB90 $10.95
Backyard Basics
CB91 $4.95
Dutch Oven Delites
CB92 $10.95

Cast Iron Cuisine.
This book is a compilation of recipes by Linda Cowley and Geri Munford. The book provides a lot of background on cast iron cooking as well as a wide assortment of recipes. (photo)  See Shipping Policy

Cast Iron Cuisine CB82 $10.95
Camp Cookin'.  Chuckwagon Supply's own collection of favorite Dutch Oven recipes.  Contains recipes collected by our family and friends over the years of camping, scouting, and catering. This soft cover books contains 35 pages of recipes organized into categories of Breads, Breakfast Foods, Desserts, Meat/Fish/Poultry, One-Dish Meals, and Vegetables. (photo)  See Shipping Policy

Camp Cookin'

CB01 $6.95
The Practical Camp Cook by Fred Bouwman

"This is a book for camp.  You won't find recipes for pheasant tarragon or oyster-stuffed goose here; this book is meant to be carried and used.  In camp.  On overnight bivouacs along canoe trails and on week-long elk camps.  The information it contains is solid, valuable and based on read experience.  Much of it is just not available anywhere else.

Written from the viewpoint of an author who is an experienced outdoorsman, an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer, and a former professional chef, The Practical Camp Cook is long on hands-on techniwue and prvides valuable wild-game recipes too.

Each chapter teaches how to add more of the earth's bounty to your diet as you prepare a variety of wild game and edible plants.  Other subjecs covered include:  building campfires, selecting a camp stove, best utensils, how to pack a camp 'kitchen, baking, use of Dutch ovens and reflector ovens, using a Chinese wok, water purification, and use of commercially prepared food for campers. 218 pages

The Practical Camp Cook




Backyard Dutch Oven Cooking by Bruce Tracy            Enjoy your favorite Dutch oven foods in our own backyard! Whether you're making a hearty, no-fuss breakfast in the woods or a fancy Sunday dinner to serve at your dining table, there's nothing better than Dutch oven cooking. With over 100 recipes and lots of expert advice, you'll be a black pot master in no time.

Backyard Dutch Oven Cooking

CB14207 $15.95


The Beginner’s Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking by Marla Rawlings            “This valuable book will teach the novice Dutch oven chef the basic techniques needed to enjoy the wonderful hobby of Dutch oven cooking.  Learn how to break in, season, and care for your new Dutch oven so foods cooked in it will retain that unique Dutch oven flavor.

The Beginner’s Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking is a collection of 136 delectable, easy-to-prepare recipes that are sure to please any crowd.  Author Marla Rawlings has included a broad range of culinary delights: appetizers, soups, side dishes, breads, main dishes, breakfasts, and desserts.  Along with recipes, this valuable resource contains useful tips about equipment and tools that can make the cooking process easier.  Learn how to control the temperature of your Dutch oven using a charcoal briquette table that compares the number of briquettes to regular oven temperatures.

“This book is full of great getting-started recipes----easily prepared dishes that allow first-time cooks to gain some skill and confidence before moving on the more advanced Dutch oven cooking.  And it isn’t for beginners only!  Any cook can enjoy preparing t5hese delicious meals, and by following the direction in this guide, can prepare them successfully in the wild, backyard, or comfort of the kitchen!”

The Beginner’s Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking

CB688 $11.95


Chuckwagon Cuisine Real Cowboy Cooking  by Evan Moore

Authentic chuckwagon and contemporary Dutch oven recipes, inspired by traditional roundup fare and contributed by prize-winning cooks.

Chuckwagon Cuisine #CB50595 $5.95


Dutch Oven Cookout, Step By Step Cooking by Michele Pika Nielson            Even a beginner can cook a delicious Dutch oven meal! Tested by thousands of young campers and experienced Dutch oven cooks, this step-by-step book is proven to help you succeed. After using this tried-and-true method you'll soon be wondering why you ever did it any other way!

Dutch Oven Cookout Step By Step

CB11343 $14.95


Dutch Oven Secrets by Lynn Hopkins

“Here’s a valuable book for those who are new to the art of Dutch oven cooking.  Written by a veteran of several World Championship Dutch Oven Cook-offs, this guide has it all!  A helpful list of tools takes the guess work out of what accessories to buy and suggests what features to look for when selecting them.  Tips are given for seasoning, cleaning, and storing cast-iron and aluminum Dutch ovens and for proper fire preparation.  The exciting main dishes include apple-orange stuffed port chops, moussaka, Swiss cheese and mushroom quiche, Malibu chicken, and more.  Delicious recipes are given for soups, chili, sauces, bread, cakes and pies.  What adds to this book’s special value is that the author shares his insights on the ins and outs of competition cooking.  Other chapters discuss basic cooking techniques, cooking for large groups, and the use of a Dutch oven in a home food-storage program.”

Dutch Oven Secrets

CB372 $10.95


Let’s Cook Dutch A Complete Guide for the Dutch Oven Chef by Robert L. Ririe

“For centuries the Dutch oven has been the world’s portable camp stove.  The pioneers on the frontier made good use of the Dutch ovens and developed a tasty array of recipes.  Unfortunately, much of their knowledge has been lost or forgotten in more recent times.

“Robert L. Ririe is one of the nation’s most experienced Dutch oven chefs.  After cooking and experimenting with Dutch ovens for decades, he has restored and recorded many of these early pioneer skills in this very unique cookbook.

Let’s Cook Dutch is one of the most complete books in its field.  For the beginner, there is a valuable chapter of general instructions concerning the preparation, usage and maintenance of Dutch ovens, fire preparation, etc.  This chapter is followed by eleven more chapters, each filled with mouth-watering recipes.  These chapters include: sauces, meat dishes, meat with vegetables, quick meals, poultry and fish, desserts, breaks and rolls.  Other informative chapters deal with more advanced details such as cooking for groups, cooking in emergencies, and complimentary side dishes

Let’s Cook Dutch

CB120 $10.95


Doing Dutch Oven Inside and Out by Robert L. Ririe

“This book is an exciting collection of more than a hundred delectable recipes and menus for Dutch oven cooking.  Included inside are appetizers and dips, breakfast specials, casseroles, sandwiches, soups, and more.  There are also your Dutch oven favorites along with new tasty treats—chicken wings, sourdough breads and pizza.  Learn to cook outdoor favorites such as tri-tip steaks, venison, and deer jerky. 

“Doing Dutch Oven also gives helpful insights for emergency cooking.  The Dutch oven can be an essential tool for survival situations.  Also, learn valuable ways to cook quick Dutch oven meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

“Written by Robert L. Ririe, this book builds on Let’s Cook Dutch and provides some of the best Dutch oven recipes available!   Doing Dutch Oven is an excellent guide to delicious dinning.”

Doing Dutch Oven

CB368 $10.95


Dutch Oven Cooking  by Terry Lewis

Terry Lewis serves up some of his tastiest dishes in this collection of Dutch oven recipes designed to inspire new cooks, those with some experience under their belts, and the well-seasoned cook-off masters. Beginners will find success with Dutch Oven Stew, Chicken and Rice, and Easy Cobbler, while the intermediate level cooks will enjoy making Chicken Cordon Bleu, Honey Rolls, and Oatmeal Chocolate Cake. Folks looking to compete with the best can try their hand at Maple BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Buttered Almond Rice, Sourdough Herb Rolls, and Carmel Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Terry Lewis, with the help of his daughter Tori, is a two-time winner of the World Championship Cook-offs held by the International Dutch Oven Society. He has been cooking and competing in Dutch oven events for over twenty years and occasionally uses his expertise to judge cooking competitions. Terry lives in Tabiona, Utah.

Recipes and secrets from Dutch Oven Society World Champion.

Dutch Oven Cooking #CB51599 $15.95


From Mountaintop to Tabletop the Complete Guide to Cooking Wild Game by Matt Pelton

“Every year thousands of sportsmen harvest wild game without knowing how to properly dress, cure, and cook the meat.  The result is poor-tasting venison that often goes to the dogs---literally.

“In From Mountaintop to Tabletop, Matt Pelton shows us why venison is the preferred dish of royalty worldwide.  Using easy-to-understand instructions, never fail recipes, and age-old secrets from hunters and cooks all over the world, he teaches us how we too can perfect the art of cooking wild game.

“’So many people out there have not learned the art of cooking wild game, and if they only knew how, they would enjoy hunting so much more.’  The author writes.  ‘I have tried to recapture that art, breaking it down and explaining the process of preparing and cooking venison---from the time you pull the tripper until you serve the meat for dinner.’

“With From Mountaintop to Tabletop, you’ll soon be preparing rich flavorful venison---every time!”

From Mountaintop to Tabletop

CB868 $10.95


Great Meals Dutch Oven Style by Dale Smith

Dale Smith, professional baker and Dutch oven cooking expert, presents more than 100 tested recipes for beef, poultry, fish and pork, vegetables, soups and chowders, sourdough, bread and rolls, cakes, pies and cobblers, marinades and rubs.  Smith also gives tips on cookware seasoning, care and storage.  This cookbook covers all aspects of Dutch oven cooking.  It will appeal to veteran black kettle chefs and to those preparing their first dishes using cast iron cookware.

for sample recipes click here

Great Meals Dutch Oven Style CB440 $17.95


The Basics of Dutch Oven Cooking by Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy shares his 45 plus years of experience cooking in the Dutch ovens in this cookbook.  The books starts out with some basic Dutch oven cooking information.  There are recipes for cooking meats, vegetables, breads, and desserts in the Dutch oven.  Robert also includes ordering information on products that he manufactures for use in cooking in the Dutch ovens.  43 pages.

for sample recipe click here

The Basics of Dutch Oven Cooking #CB07 $11.95


Old-Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook by Don Holm

This outdoor cookbook specializes in old-fashioned Dutch oven cookery and sourdough recipes.  The book explains how to build the right kind of fire, for the best results with a minimum of time and effort.  Tempting recipes for hungry fishermen and hunters include pot roasts, mulligan stew, and dishes made from fish of various kinds, bear meat, buffalo, venison, upland game birds, rabbit, woodchuck, and many more.  One chapter features favorite recipes of some other Pacific Northwest writers.

Sourdough recipes include "starters," flapjacks, and several kinds of biscuits.  Don Holm explains about jerky (dried meat), and tells how it can be made into pemmican, the perfect outdoor food for the trail.  131 pages.

Old-Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook

CB133 $14.95


Sweet Cast Iron Creations by by Doug Martin

Master the art of Dutch oven sweets! Award-winning chef Doug Martin uses easy-to-follow instructions and irresistible recipes to take you beyond basic cobblers and into the realm of gourmet delicacies like his famous Chocolate Ganache Cake and the award-winning Tropical Dream Cake! With all the delicious Dutch oven flavor you love, these sweet treats will have your friends and family scraping the black pot clean.

Sweet Cast Iron Creations

CB14450 $16.95


Dutch Oven Cooking by John G. Ragsdale 

Dutch Oven Cooking is a handy little guide that’s bound to be a hit on any camping trip.  It show you how to practice the delicious “art” of Dutch oven cooking, and it’s packed with lots of simple recipes for simply great eatin”  Table of contents subjects include:  the oven; cooking helps; meats, fish, & eggs; vegetables & soups; desserts; breads; and sour dough.

Dutch Oven Cooking

CB352 $8.95

Camp Cooking 100 Years by The National Museum of Forest Service History 

“More than just a cookbook, this publication features incredible photos, anecdotes, and recipes highlighting a century of Forest Service heritage.”   ---- Gray Reynolds President, National Museum of Forest Service History

Table of contents includes:  Dutch oven basics; breakfast; breads; vegetables; side dishes; main dishes; and desserts

Camp Cooking 100 Years

CB761 $9.95

101 Things to do With a Dutch Oven by Vernon Winterton

Bring the outdoors in with incredible recipes for breads and rolls, soups and strews, main dishes and sides, as well as delicious desserts.

101 Things to do With a Dutch Oven

CB785 $9.95

Stop Drop and Cook Everyday Dutch Oven Cooking With Food Storage by Mark Hansen 

When disaster strikes, will you be munching on freeze-dried flakes or enjoying a delicious and filling meal, straight from your Dutch oven? Learn how to turn common food storage items into gourmet meals, even if your power and gas lines are out. With expert advice and easy-to-follow recipes, this cookbook will get you through any crisis without sacrificing your taste buds.

Stop Drop and Cook Everyday Dutch Oven Cooking With Food Storage

CB14832 $13.95

Cooking on a Stick Campfire Recipes for Kids by Linda White

With two dozen easy-to-follow recipes for all kinds of food---from main dishes to desserts---you’ll have plenty of choices.  You’ll learn how to prepare it on a stick, in a pouch, or on the grill.  Simple ingredients and preparation, thorough safety guidelines, and basic campfire instructions will help make all of your supervised outing fun ones.

Cooking on a Stick Campfire Recipes for Kids

CB727 $9.95

Cooking in a Can More Campfire Recipes for Kids by Katherine L White

In this book you’ll get great recipes and learn how to cook in a can, on a rock, in a pit, in a solar oven, and on the coals.  Plus you’ll enjoy making such great outdoor and cooking projects as: garbage can cooker, buddy burner, tin can grill, pinecone fire starters, cooking apron and much more.

Cooking in a Can More Campfire Recipes for Kids

CB814 $9.95

How to Win a Cowboy’s Heart Favorite Western Recipes by Kathy Lynn Willis

This book presents meals to bring the romance of the west in to your home.  More than a primer on authentic cowboy style, this book is about sharing the comfort of good company over a wonderful meal.  They are simple meals flavored by history and legend.  Many of the recipes may be adapted for cooking in the Dutch oven.

How to Win a Cowboy’s Heart Favorite Western Recipes

CB192 $9.95

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